Joel 170: Law Or Covenant? Law is a provisional document, but What about the Abrahamic Covenant?

Apr 10, 2022    Stephen A. Chronister
Our pastor says he doesn’t see anything that is not in line with Ezekiel 38 at this point. So, you’ll want to listen to this first part.

We’re back in Genesis 15. He says we, yes all of us, are going to resolve this passage. We won’t fully understand until we are face to face with God, because then we will have full knowledge. Abraham believes God and asks, “How will I know I will inherit it?”, the “it” being eternal life. We read in the Bible that Abraham believed, and God accounted it for him as righteousness. Our pastor tells us that salvation is a belief process. God gave “it”, Salvation (not Law) to him by promise. Galatians 3 verifies this. But people love to be wrong. If you’re adding anything that has to do with keeping the Law to God’s free gift of Grace, then you have death. We are saved by grace because of our faith, our belief. We come in humility, naked before God. And now we’re in Genesis 3. Our pastor does a wonderful job in driving home this point. And you’ll learn about who God is here, that’s critical, In My Opinion... and my opinion here, just happens to be right!

Now, we need to find all of the pieces to understand this. God says, I brought you out and I gave you this. God brought us out of sin and death. We are also looking at the promise of Abraham and the Law of Moses. Moses gave a provisional document and those who try to keep it in order to obtain salvation have death. What Abraham received was the contrast between what cannot save and what can. Galatians says the Law is a poison to the promise God gives to Abraham.

So... it’s time to pull out your note taking device and open your TextBook, because now you can press play.

Notice: This is a very in-depth and fascinating study of Joel, Daniel, Revelation, Ecclesiastes, and Job, by our pastor Stephen A. Chronister. You’re watching Lecture Number 170 in this series. Current and past lectures can be found at in the Media page, and Podcasts are available on iTunes,,, and now on Spotify. But hey... if you want to watch us live, we are on and and most every Sunday at around 4PM Alaska time, 5 Pacific, 6 Mountain, 7 Central, and 8PM Eastern time.

Genesis 15, Galatians 3, Genesis 3, Romans 5:15, Romans 3:10-18, Deuteronomy 33:2, Deuteronomy 18:15

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