Okay... you can no longer attend in person every Sunday at beautiful downtown Cliffside. Because...

Cliffside has changed to be an On-Line and LIVE broadcasting Ministry.

So, Come visit us Live on this site, SermonAudio and Facebook, at 4pm Alaska Time (5 Pacific, 8 Eastern) most Sunday's. To be notified when Cliffside will be broadcasting Live, get our app from the homepage and make sure you turn on Notifications.

Surprisingly enough, people sometimes used to get this wild idea they would like to come and visit us. We’ve actually had a few of our Internet listeners fly up here just to attend a service with us back when we operating in a building. And they knew in advance what our motto is, “Chasing away the visitors every Sunday, no matter what.” And people came anyway?

Well... we've fixed that problem. For now and into the foreseeable future, unless the the Lord sees to it that we have a place to meet and jumps out of a cloud of fire telling our pastor to start up a local Cliffside again, that's not going to happen.

When we started it was "a step in faith"... but when Covid hit and with pastor Chronister having co-morbidities that were so bad that if he were exposed we didn't think he would live through it, we decided to keep Cliffside going as an on-line ministry... And that is where we are today.

To attend our Live service, you can go to one of these places: www.cliffside.com/live and on the Live tile of the Cliffside app, www.sermonaudio.com/cliffside, and on the Cliffside Facebook page. The Facebook Live is where you can interact with us in the comment section during the lecture.

The Live lecture starts around 4pm Alaska Time... 5 Pacific, 6 Mountain, 7 Central and 8 Eastern. (we should list all the time zones all over the world, because our reach is that big!)

Our broadcasting location is in our pastors home. If it ever becomes possible to get into a new location we'll let you know here, and on Facebook!