Our Story

Here's what it's like at Cliffside

Cliffside Community Chapel is a small, informal, family-oriented congregation. Our services are structured like in-depth bible studies rather than formal church services, with people raising their hands now and then to ask questions or make comments. The sermons are sprinkled with personal stories, humor, and thought-provoking statements, all of which serve to keep the services lively and interesting.
Although our group is small, with about 40 adults being the average attendance, it’s comprised of a variety of ages, people groups, and cultural backgrounds.
Child care is provided during services. The children stay with the main congregation for hymns and announcements, and then they are dismissed to go to the day care and children’s bible study.
Our music is live, and we sing both contemporary and traditional Christian songs.  The musicians are formally trained and enthusiastic, and we always have room for more musical talent.  On some occasions the group will perform special solos or arrangements.
We usually have a pot-luck after the service, and people do tend to hang around for quite a while, just conversing and munching.  Visitors are welcome to stop by and ask as many questions as they wish, and our Pastor makes a special effort to meet new people after the service.
Several years ago we started providing Pastor Chronister’s sermons as Internet-based podcasts, streaming and downloads on a couple of sites like Cliffside.PodBean.com and iTunes. A little while later, we wanted to see what would happen if we put him on SermonAudio.com/cliffside. Needless to say, we were overwhelmed with the outpouring of thanks and encouragement... and questions. We continue to be completely astonished and humbled by the caliber of people who are attracted to our post-seminary level Bible teaching and discipleship. Since then we decided to put a smart phone in front of him to get videos of his lectures (people were  clamoring to see the white board, so we obediently complied). Then, we put another phone in front of him and, voilà! We were Live every Sunday on Facebook (or 'Bookface' as pastor calls it).

Now, we are multicasting to both Facebook and Sermonaudio which allows us to have a LIVE page on our own site.

We've put a lot of our videos on YouTube over the years, and now on this site we are able to continue providing you with current videos of all his lectures, and... when we get the funds coming in consistently enough, this platform will give you the ability to cast full 1080 video to your smart TV's and more really cool things. So feel free to go ahead and support this ministry if the Lord leads you to do so.

We’ve been amazed at the response we’re getting from around the world. Our pastor gets stacks of emails and letters with questions, humor and encouragement... but the really cool part is, he will take some of this correspondence to the pulpit every Sunday and address your questions in his lectures. He also attempts to answer questions individually as best he can. One would get the idea that he considers our Internet listeners to be part of his own congregation.

Every week the number of downloads increases. On SermonAudio alone it's up to over 181,000 so far. We don't know how it happens... people just find us and start telling their friends and family. We’re getting a large and dedicated audience all over the world... Australia, Africa, China, Russia, Canada, Europe, the UK, the Middle East and Japan, etc., not to mention our US crowd.
Here's just a couple of reviews:

“I’ve always thought church had to be boring and tedious…I never thought I could learn so much. I keep coming back because I learn some new and fascinating fact or theory every Sunday.”

“Pastor Steve has been a friend and mentor for many years, and I continue to be amazed at the lengths to which he goes to educate his congregation.”

What people say about our pastor's lectures...

Quantum Physics... Theologically. Why Must God Create?
“Praise God He has the final and ultimate Word- truly all wisdom does begin and end in Him ! Your church is very blessed to have one who is able to teach it so well!!!! All praise honor and glory to our mighty God in Christ Jesus Name. Amen !!!”
~ Patti from Murrysville PA
Death Comes From Man Not Woman. But didn't Eve sin first?
“This lecture really gave me new insight into the Scriptures. It is one that I will listen to again! Thanks!!!” ~ Karmin from Missouri
Why Kill Ananias and Sapphira? You'll be happy to know, it's not why you think
(clicking the above link will take you to the YouTube video)
” This is such a good sermon. So much information to take in. Thank you”
~ NJ from PA

We can't figure out why, but this is our most watched video on YouTube with over 4,000 views.
Why is the Grace of God Free? Why is the Grace of God the Only thing that is free?
(clicking the above link will take you to the YouTube video)
“Hello Pastor Chronister! I look forward nightly to find a good topic sermon from you to listen too! You're so knowledgeable in the word where you take it to another level of revelation! I went to seminary and did not get this teaching! Thank you! May God continue to bless you and your family, and congregation and your rumor! Lol” ~ Josie from Madison, Alabama

Be a part of our story...

For now, we encourage everyone to join us live on this website (click on the LIVE page), and on SermonAudio and Live on FacebookSundays at 4pm Alaska Time!

Join us every Sunday when we come back again to worship together at 3:30 pm.