Joel 165: WHAT Is With... The 153 Fish? What made Abram understand The Resurrection?

Mar 6, 2022    Stephen A. Chronister
So, what’s going on with the invasion of Ukraine? Pastor gives us his assessment of what is happening there.

As the lecture starts, we jump right into Genesis 15, and there’s fare more going on in this passage that we can possibly know. And, there’s much that is unknowable... For instance, just the Take Me, the incarnation of Christ, is the most unknowable. This is the infinite mind of God who put this all together. Pastor compares it with attempting to bat a thousand. It’s just not doable. So, where did the pastor leave off?

What did Abram see... what did God give him that made him believe that he has everlasting life? Some commentators realize that he sees more than we think. There’s much that our pastor brings up here, and I’m sure there’s much more to come, but... What does it mean that God breaths the breath of life into His creation? Did He breath that life into the Angels? And... Christ was slain before time was instituted. We think there’s just three days between The Lamb slain and His resurrection. We’re now in Genesis 1:31, the Behold and Very Good. What does that mean while there were fallen angels at this point? But back to “deep sleep” and assurance of salvation which is given by the divided animals and the two birds. And now for something rare... he actually lays out an answer. And, we find out how Abram has seen the resurrection.

And Now... Drum roll please... This pastor is finally going to tell us about the 153 fish! And it has relativity to Genesis 15. The Book of John, lists seven things that prove Jesus Christ is God, and after, for added measure he gives us 153 fish. Pastor gives us all seven first. So, listen closely... this is epic!

Notice: This is a very in-depth and fascinating study of Joel, Daniel, Revelation, Ecclesiastes, and Job, by our pastor Stephen A. Chronister. You’re watching Lecture Number 165 in this series. Current and past lectures can be found at in the Media page, and Podcasts are available on iTunes,,, and now on Spotify. But hey... if you want to watch us live, we are on and and most every Sunday at around 4PM Alaska time, 5 Pacific, 6 Mountain, 7 Central, and 8PM Eastern time.

Genesis 15, Genesis 1:31, Romans 9:20-24, John 1:1-5, John 21:11, Ezekiel 29:3-5

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