Joel 174: The Mystery of The Born Again! How do Two undivided Birds represent The God/man?

May 22, 2022    Stephen A. Chronister
So... according to pastor, we have a parenthetical summation situation. Which brings us to a quantum physics explanation of cessation of movement. But we are dealing with somebody who is outside of time. If He can install time, He can suspend time, because He can view the entire state of reality in motionlessness. They are His laws and He can do with them as He wills. He will stop death for a hundred fifty days. He can stop light.

Okay... that was fun. Back to... Christ is the Light of Life. If He takes Himself away, those go away too. And now we’re in Exodus and what God does with Egypt. What causes God to give someone over to a debased mind, their hardened mind. Romans 1 is the answer. Now we’re at the widened gate and the narrow gate. Those who have chosen to go through the wide gate do so because they want to choose the thick darkness. Why would they do that? Because they hate Him. They refuse to believe. Is that ability forced on them? But He weeps over those who have that position. When Satan says the warning God gives in Genesis 3:10 is a lie, it’s a lie! Satan’s position is that everything is determined before time began. His premise is that God is the author of evil. If God predetermines evil and we have no free will to choose otherwise, then... Why even create? The determinists will tell you that there is no free will. But the determinist doesn’t want to discuss the loving kindness and the fairness, the goodness, of God. Rule number 1... God is always good. If you go against rule 1, you find yourself on the side of evolutionary atheists!

Okay... Two birds... Mount of Olives. And now the lecture can begin with The Mystery of The Born Again.

Notice: This is a very in-depth and fascinating study of Joel, Daniel, Revelation, Ecclesiastes, Job, and Genesis, by our pastor Stephen A. Chronister. You’re watching Lecture Number 174 in this series. Current and past lectures can be found at in the Media page, and Podcasts are available on iTunes,,, and now on Spotify. But hey... if you want to watch us live, we are on and and most every Sunday at around 4PM Alaska time, 5 Pacific, 6 Mountain, 7 Central, and 8PM Eastern time.

Genesis 3:10, Exodus 17:7, Genesis 15, Genesis 14, John 3:3, John 3:7, Hebrews 4:11-16, Matthew 23

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