Joel 168: Resurrection Is Everywhere! It’s All Over! And Genesis 15 is the most spectacular.

Mar 27, 2022    Stephen A. Chronister

We start with a synopsis of what’s going on in Genesis 15. Why did Abram not cut those birds in two? God is ordering this and He’s copying some pagan practice. He chose the animal and put them in an exacting pattern. What’s happening here is Genesis 3:21. For the first time, people are covered with blood. Genesis 15 is “The Lamb slain.” It lines up with Exodus 12:5-7 and other passages. The Lambs Book of Life goes back to 3:21. This is where God creates this portrait that starts answering Abram’s question. Why was the three-year-old heifer first? We’ll, the red heifer is very important. It’s Numbers 19. But understand... This is Christ in Genesis 15. He is The Take Me. And, of course we have to get back to Leprosy because of the two birds. This takes us to Miriam who claims equality with Moses. But God himself gets to choose His Prophets... and He’s not choosing anybody today. But if someone wants to appoint themselves... It's Not God! The pastor almost broke out into a full rant right there, but caught himself. And people want to stand up and say, “Thus sayeth the Lord!” That is not God. God speaks to Moses, face to face. You’ll like the way this pastor takes us into what happened with Miriam and Arron. And, wait for it... scriptures get dumped all over you by this dump truck driving pastor.

I would try, but I can’t keep you apprised of what’s going on... but that’s good. You get to listen for yourself and don’t have to endure my poorly written description.

The discussion of Jude 9 is amazing because of what is also going on when the fight over Moses’s body is going on. Trust me, you’ll like it. There’s more, but I’ll sign off so you can get to the lecture.

Notice: This is a very in-depth and fascinating study of Joel, Daniel, Revelation, Ecclesiastes, and Job, by our pastor Stephen A. Chronister. You’re listening to Lecture Number 168 in this series. Current and past lectures can be found at in the Media page, and Podcasts are available on iTunes,,, and now on Spotify. But hey... if you want to watch us live, we are on and and most every Sunday at around 4PM Alaska time, 5 Pacific, 6 Mountain, 7 Central, and 8PM Eastern time.

Genesis 15, Genesis 3:21, Exodus 12:5-7, Numbers 19, Numbers 12:1-14, Deuteronomy 18:15, Matthew 3:17, Isaiah 42:1, Genesis 2:21, Luke 15:10, John 1:1-4, Revelation 12:12

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